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The Rachel Carson Greenway Trail Corridor Plan

The Montgomery County Planning Board approved the Rachel Carson Greenway Trail Corridor Plan on June 16, 2005.

Printed copies of the Plan may be obtained from the M-NCPPC Information Counter, 2nd Floor, 8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring. Located in the eastern part of the county, the Rachel Carson Greenway Trail Corridor stretches from Adelphi Mill in Prince George's County northward to the Patuxent River.

The purpose of the Trail Corridor Plan is to:

  • Identify opportunities to create a continuous natural surface trail the entire length of the corridor.
  • Identify opportunities for interpretation of natural and cultural resources in the corridor.
  • Identify opportunities to celebrate the life of Rachel Carson who wrote Silent Spring while a resident of the area.

Download a copy the whole Rachel Carson Greenway Trail Corridor Plan* (.pdf, 3.8MB) or use the Table of Contents below which is broken in to more easily downloadable pieces below.

Table of Contents


Section & Page Number

File Size

Cover & Table of Contents

424 k


516 k

Plan Concepts

Continuity 5
Interpretation 6
Stewardship 9
Trail Accessibility 9
Relationship to Other Plans & Policies 10

502 k
The Corridor Today

Existing Trails 11
Current Park Use 11
Trends 13
Environmental Resources 13
Historic & Cultural Resources 14

279 k

Recommendations for Implementation



Making the Greenway Continuous 15
Closing the Greenway Gap Near Sandy Spring 16
Patuxent River Connection Gaps 18

572 k
Interpretive Elements

Segment 1: Sounds of Water 22
Segment 2: Teaching Children 24

445 k


Segment 3: World of Little Things 26
Segment 4: Changing Seasons 28

262 k


Segment 5: Night Sky; the Underground Railroad: Quaker Traditions 30
Segment 6: Contemplating Nature 32

586 k


Segment 7: A Sense of Wonder 34
Segment 8: Watershed Protection & Agriculture Heritage 36

222 k

Implementation Issues

Recommended Trail Implementation Priorities 38
Managing the Greenway 38
Funding the Greenway 38
Providing Safe Road Crossings 38

222 k

Environmental Resources Map 39
Relationship to Other Plans Chart 40
Historic/Cultural Sites Table 42

289 k

*Requires Adobe .pdf Reader to view - Last Update: October 7, 2015