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HeartSmart Trails

The Heart Smart Trail program is intended to encourage people to take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. Walking can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, improve blood pressure control, decrease the risk for type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer and help control weight. Heart Smart Trails are generally 1-mile in length or less and follow a hard surface, level path. Bronze medallions are embedded in the path every 1/10 of a mile so walkers can keep track of the distance they have traveled.Go ahead…take your first step toward a healthier life!

HeartSmart Trails Locator MapOur HeartSmart Trails await you.

  1. Brookside Gardens HeartSmart Trail at Wheaton Regional Park
    The trail follows a popular pathway around this 50-acre public display garden that is open year-round, sunrise to sunset. The trail begins at the rear of the Visitors Center. Use the "Walking Log" to record the date, distance you've traveled and the time it took.

    NOTICE: The renovations at Brookside Gardens are nearly complete. The portion of the Heart Smart Trail that has been closed should be open again soon. Posted 5-29-13. Updated 5-7-15.
  1. South Germantown Rec. Park
    The trail, 0.8 mile in length, starts near the King Dairy Mooseum and continues past a championship miniature golf course, a tot lot, Splash Playground and Central Park Pond where there is shoreline access to fishing and a model boat launch. If you are interested in longer walks, there are two other trails in the park that are over a mile. HeartSmart Trail map (pdf)
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. Rec. Park
    The MLK Jr. HeartSmart trail is 0.8 miles in length. Begin at the kiosk on the path by the parking lot past the Swim Center. If you are interested in other walks, there are two other trails in the park you can follow. HeartSmart Trail map (pdf)

Unless noted otherwise on the map, trails marked “Natural Surface” and “Hard Surface” are "Shared by All" trails which includes hikers, bikers and equestrians. Additional information about permitted uses of Park trails is available on our Trail User Information page.

Date of last update: April 2, 2008