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Magruder Branch Stream Valley Trails

Magruder Branch Trails Map LocatorDescription

The hard surface trail is made of both asphalt and boardwalk. As it follows the Magruder Branch stream valley the 4.2-mile trail offers views of the surrounding upland forests and provides wonderful birding opportunities. The boardwalk sections of the trail span the stream and associated wetland areas.

The natural surface trail heads south just outside Magruder Recreation Park continuing down the Magruder Branch Stream Valley. About a mile south of Watkins Road the Lower Magruder meets the Seneca Creek Greenway trail after crossing Seneca Creek by a stepping stone bridge.

Unless noted otherwise on the map, trails marked “Natural Surface” and “Hard Surface” are "Shared by All" trails which includes hikers, bikers and equestrians. Additional information about permitted uses of Park trails is available on our Trail User Information page.

Maqgruder Branch Stream Valley Trails Map (pdf)


Hiking and Biking


The Magruder Branch Trail is located in Damascus, Maryland in the upper portion of the County.

Trail length/surface

4.2 miles, asphalt and boardwalk.
3.3 miles, natural surface

Trail characteristics

Hard Surface Trail - Although the majority of the of the hard surface trail is relatively flat, there are rather steep grades approaching Kings Valley Road and Valley Park Drive. Trail users should take extra precaution crossing Sweepstakes Road, a very busy two-lane road.

Natural Surface Trail - Open fields, wetlands and lush woodland make this a delightful trail to explore. The terrain is varied but fairly moderate in steepness as if follows the Magruder Branch. Sure footing is needed on the stepping stone bridge south of Watkins Road as you cross over Seneca Creek and meet the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail.

Drinking water

Yes, at Damascus Recreational Park.


Yes, at Damascus Recreational Park.

Access and parking

Ample parking is available in Damascus Recreational Park.


Park Manager may be contacted at 301-972-6581.
SmartParks: 301.670.8080 for non-emergency & trail maintenance.

Date of last update: June 30, 2008