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Little Bennett Regional Park Trails

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This 3,700-acre park offers over 21 miles of natural surface trails in one of our Best Natural Areas. The park is mostly forested and lies among the tributaries of Little Bennett Creek. Hawk's Reach Activity Center offers activities, nature films and other routinely scheduled events. Little Bennett Regional Park includes 91 campsites that are handicapped accessible and an 18-hole golf course. Little Bennett Regional Park is also very fortunate to have an active volunteer force in the "Friends of Little Bennett".

Unless noted otherwise on the map, trails marked “Natural Surface” and “Hard Surface” are "Shared by All" trails which includes hikers, bikers and equestrians. Additional information about permitted uses of Park trails is available on our Trail User Information page.


Trail Map Little Bennett Regional Park Trails Map (pdf)


Hiking, Biking, Horseback Riding


The park is located east of MD 355 in the upper portion of the County.

Trail length/surface

There are over 21 miles of natural surface trails meandering through the park.

Trail characteristics

The trails located south of Hyattstown Mill Road are hiking only, while the trails north of Hyattstown Mill Road are shared use (hikers, equestrians, cyclists).

Drinking water

Yes, at campground.


Yes, at campground.

Access and parking

An asphalt parking lot for trail users is located near the Maintenance Yard along MD 355, just south of the Campground Entrance. Smaller gravel parking lots are available along Clarksburg Road, Hyattstown Mill Road, Prescott Road, Lewisdale Road, and Burnt Hill Road. Horse trailers should use the parking lot at either Prescott Road or Lewisdale Road.

More Information Additional Park information, Park Master Plan and Construction projects


Park Manager may be contacted at 301-528-3450 | SmartParks: 301-670-8080 for non-emergency & trail maintenance.

Last update: April 13, 2016