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Volunteering with Brookside Gardens

Introduction to Volunteering with Brookside Gardens

How to Apply | Application Process | Added Benefits of Volunteering with Brookside Gardens | Links

Become a VolunteerVolunteering with Brookside Gardens is a great way to give back to the gardens you love! There are many different volunteer opportunities available, ranging from weeding and planting in the gardens to cashier and inventory in the gift shop. For more information on volunteering with Brookside Gardens please email

For more information about volunteering at Brookside Gardens, please feel free to email us, or call the volunteer desk at 301.962.1429.

For more information about volunteering with Montgomery Parks, please visit Volunteers and Partnerships page.

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Ernst and Young Volunteers

How to Apply

Go to

  1. A general screen will appear. Click on SEARCH OPPORTUNITIES. This site may open up slowly.
  3. JOB DESCRIPTIONS comes up. Scroll down through the job description and, if this job interests you, click on the line in the lower right side, which says CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS & TO APPLY.
  4. JOB DETAILS comes up. Read through the details, and if this is the right job, click on the button at the top right that says APPLY.
  5. VOLUNTEER LOGIN comes up. Click on the line that says NEW VOLUNTEER APPLICATION.
  6. APPLICATION may come up slowly. Fill out all the pages of the form. Be sure to answer all the questions. Click on the green lines and give that information. On the SIGNATURE page, click on the I ACCEPT line and date your application. If you are under 18, ask your parent or guardian to complete the PARENTAL CONSENT form that you will find on the SIGNATURE page.
  7. After you have completed the application, click on the SUBMIT button to send the application to us.

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Wings of Fancy VolunteerApplication Process

  • Application Submitted
    Once you've completely filled out your online application, it will be reviewed by the Volunteer Department. Applications will be reviewed to ensure that the minimum volunteer job requirements are met for the position applied for. Please review the job description prior to applying to ensure that you meet all of the minimum requirements.
  • Application Approved
    Once the Volunteer Department has approved your completed application, it will be forwarded to the staff supervisor for the position. Response time varies depending on the individual staff person, the job, and the season. Staff will contact applicants to arrange for an in person or phone interview to discuss the specifics of the job and scheduling.
  • Application Process Complete
    Once an applicant has submitted a completed application, meets all of the minimum job requirements, and has been selected by staff as a qualified applicant, a volunteer job offer will be made. Upon acceptance and completion of an appointment form, the volunteer applicant becomes a Brookside Gardens Volunteer.

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Perks of Volunteering with Brookside Gardens

Annual all volunteer training.Annual all volunteer training.

In addition to getting involved in your local community in a beautiful garden setting, there are many other benefits to volunteering with Brookside Gardens. Every year Brookside Gardens coordinates several recognition, educational, and social events for volunteers. In addition, volunteers also participate in an annual Volunteer Garden Tour, and Volunteer Plant Exchange. Volunteering with Brookside Gardens is a great way to get to know your community of gardeners in Montgomery County!

All Volunteer Training

Usually held in the end of February, the purpose of this half day event is purely education. Volunteers are introduced to all of Brookside Gardens Staff (including Emmie, the Goose Dog!) and updated on all aspects of the garden and programming. Updates are followed by a workshop, training, or talk related to volunteering with Brookside Gardens. Topics vary each year and have included Dealing with Difficult Visitor Situations, Using the Computer to Track Your Hours, and How to Plant a Healing Garden.

2013 All Volunteer Training Slides

Volunteers at Surreybrook Nursery

Advance notices on Marylandica Gift Shop sales

Volunteers receive semi regular updates regarding upcoming events and sales at Brookside Gardens. Volunteers always find out about our holiday Marylandica Gift Shop sales first!

Educational and Training Opportunities

In addition to the All Volunteer Training, volunteers have many opportunities to enrich their horticulture knowledge. Brookside Gardens Volunteers are able to attend all In-Service Trainings with Montgomery Parks as well as those at the Smithsonian.

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